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Order and Payment

Are there any discounts?
1) We offer a loyalty program for posts about your experience with us and other please see it “here”
2) We do run sales and if you register an account you will be added to our email listing to be notified of sales. We hope to have a telegram channel up soon as well to notify customers about sales.
What Payment Methods do you Accept?
1) Cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, ADA, and you can ask for others.
2) We hope to offer a voucher service shortly that you can pay with a credit card.
What is the minimum order amount?
There is no minimum purchase requirement order as little or as much as you would like.
Why does my Crypto payment still show as pending even though I have already sent it?
Our Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency payment portal requires the exact amount of funds to be sent otherwise your transaction will not be detected and your order status will show as cancelled. Once the payment screen populates and you are ready to send you Cryptocurrency payment, please always send the amount requested in Cryptocurrency, do not send the USD total for your order. Below is an example of how you should send the payment.
Total – 0.01562 ($99.99)
Amount to send – 0.01562 (do not type the USD amount in your wallet and send the transaction, only the amount in Cryptocurrency).
If you have already sent too much, just email us and we will manually confirm the order!

How many tablets are included in each order?
The amount of tablets/medication included in each order is listed in the description section of each product. Please keep in mind that our product reference images do not always show the amount included in each order, so please always double check the description before purchasing!
My package is not what I ordered and/or the contents are damaged, what do I do?
If your package contains any missing items/the wrong items, or damaged items, please provide us with photos of the incidence immediately. For express orders, the inside contents of the package sealing must not be opened or tampered with. You will keep the item(s) you received, and we will reship the item(s) in error; immediately. You are eligible for an order replacement/product reshipment up to 7 days upon receiving your order. After 7 days we will not reship/replace any missing items after that.
Please note that in the cases where a particular brand is out of stock we will ship an alternative brand. We will not reship in cases such as this.
All replacements are equivalent in terms of dosage, quality, and active ingredient. If you prefer a specific brand it is best to contact us before ordering so we can check to make sure it is in stock!
I am missing some items, can we fix this?
We are sorry to hear that! In the event it is our mistake we will resend the missing items as long as we are contacted within 5 days of the item being delivered.
Can I pay for expedited shipping?
Sorry no unfortunately right now there is just our main shipping option.
Is my data safe?
Your data is stored outside of US jurisdiction, any data sent to and from our website is encrypted. We offer guest checkout, all guest checkout information/data is deleted after your order is complete. Your data can also be deleted at your request via use of our contact form.
Do you offer wholesale pricing/ordering, and also may I request a specific product(s) that is not listed on your website?
We do not offer Wholesale or Commercial shipments but if you are licensed we do know who can help you just email us. For specific product inquiries, please also include your current pricing/ or any previous pricing for this product; if it is available. Our list includes 1100 different medications, and as I said before; we will do the best we can for you.
Delivery & Returns
Where do you ship?
We ship worldwide!

What is your success rate delivering to…?
If you order from our “International Warehouse” (India) the success rates are below –
Success Rate
United States: 98%
Australia: 97%
United Kingdom: 99%
France: 97%
(If not listed, please just ask, above is just where we ship most often!)
What is the cost of shipping?
International Warehouse shipping – $28

Will I receive tracking?
Yes we do issue out Tracking codes.

How fast is International (India) delivery to…?
International orders are shipped within 24-72 hours, Monday-Friday (keep in mind some Friday orders will be sent the following Monday due to time difference). International order delivery time averages 3-4 weeks currently.
The EU warehouse normally ships within 2-4 working days upon payment confirmation. To another EU address it averages 2-7 days!
My online tracking hasn’t updated, what do I do?
Don’t panic. They can take up to 48 hours to update upon dispatch. Many times the tracking will not update past the initial scan, until it has reached your country’s customs/sorting facilities. If we trans ship this product it might not update for four to five days even.
My package has been seized/lost, what do I do?
In case of seizure we have a reshipment policy. We will reship all international orders upon proof of seizure letter or if your order is stuck in customs/lost in transit and it has been more than 30 days since the last update. In some cases we will also offer store credit, as some items that are seized will be best ordered at a later time instead of immediately.
If a reshipment is seized it is at our discretion to ship again as it may be that the customs of your country are too strict to do this. We have a one free reshipment policy. We will only reship original order to original name and address.
Please do note that reshipments are no longer possible from this warehouse to:
• New Zealand
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• Italy
• Norway
• Germany
• Netherlands
• Ireland
• Belgium
This is due to the very strict customs of these countries where a seizure is likely to happen. Ordering to these countries is at your own risk!
Definition of “Lost”
We define a package as lost if the tracking for the package has not updated for 30 days.
My package was returned, what do I do?
Please make sure to check your name and address are correct before ordering to avoid this. If a International (India) Warehouse package is returned – Reshipment can be provided if shipping fee is paid again.

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