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Brand Name: EXPIGMENT %2 30 GR CREAM

Name: Hydroquinone

Strength: 2 % Hydroquinone, 30 g

Production Company: Orva

Used for: lighten freckles, chloasma, age spots, and acne scars.

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Hydroquinone (Expigment Cream) is used to lighten freckles, chloasma, age spots, and acne scars. Hydroquinone reduces formation and increases breakdown of melanosomes (melanin pigment granules) in pigment cells (melanocytes). This is done by blocking tyrosinase, an enzyme essential to generate melanin.

Expigment Cream

Skin lightening should occur after 4 weeks of therapy. Hydroquinone should be stopped after 3 months if no bleaching effect is evident (Hydroquinone). Hydroquinone is most effective when used in the shade or with SPF15+ sunscreen. Don’t use sunlamps or salons.

Hydroquinone should be used daily until goal bleaching is achieved, then as needed to maintain results.

How to use Expigment Cream

Follow all instructions on the product’s packaging or as prescribed by your physician. Before usage, apply a little dose of this medication to an area of intact skin and observe the region for major adverse effects within 24 hours. Do not use this product if the test region is itchy, red, swollen, or blistering; instead, see your doctor. If minor redness is present, therapy with this product can begin.

Apply this medicine twice daily or as instructed by your doctor to the afflicted skin regions. This medicine is intended for topical use only. Inappropriate usage may result in unintended skin whitening. Avoid getting this product in your eyes or inside your nose, mouth, or nostrils. If you do obtain this drug in these places, rinse it down with copious amounts of water.

This drug may increase UV sensitivity in the treated regions of skin. Avoid extended exposure to the sun, tanning salons, and sunlamps. Use a sunscreen and wear protective clothes when outside on the treated regions of skin.

Utilize this medicine routinely to obtain the maximum advantages. Utilize it on a daily basis at the same period to assist memory.

After two months, consult your physician if your illness persists or worsens.

Additional shipping charges apply as sent from Turkey