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CLIMAX 10% SPRAY 1 bottle


Brand Name:  Climax

Name:    Lidocaine

Strength:  10%

Pills per order:   1 bottle

Production Company:  Midascare Pharmaceuticals

Used for:  Premature Ejaculation, Numbing Agent, Improved Erections, Male Sexual Function Problems, Male sexual performance

Climax Spray 

A delay-action spray that stimulates and prolongs the duration of intimacy while increasing satisfaction for both parties, Climax Spray is a great addition to any bedroom.

Climax Spray is used for a variety of purposes, including sexual wellness.

Increases sexual pleasure by lengthening the duration of the delay.

It is simple to use and has the ability to change sensitivity.

It has an anesthetic effect on the immediate area.

It contributes to increased contentment while having no negative side effects.

Instructions on How to Use

Shake the container thoroughly.

Maintain a 5-centimeter distance between the container and the glans.

To spray, press the nozzle three or four times.

Lidocaine USP. Solvents & Propellant are the primary ingredients.

Variant:  For all skin types All Skin Types

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