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GEOLYSIS 5 ML 1 vial


Brand Name:  Geolysis

Name:    Deoxycholic Acid

Strength:   10 mg / ml

Pills per order:   1 vial 5 ml

Production Company:  Simildiet

Used for:  Deoxycholic Acid  is formulated for reducing submental fat (Double Chin) in adults by causing an inflammatory necrosis of fat.


Submental fat can be caused by a variety of factors (Double Chin)
This is a frequent condition in which a layer of fat accumulates behind the chin.
Some people who are not overweight, on the other hand, develop the condition.
Generally speaking, it is associated with weight gain.
Genetics, as well as the loss of skin tone as a result of aging


The composition, the effects, and the advantages

Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid that has synthetic detergent characteristics that are used to solubilize lipids and is found in bile.
Emulsification and finally hydrolysis of fat cell cytoplasm and triglycerides are caused as a result of this process.
This results in a decrease in the quantity of fat present in the submental area.
Deoxycholic acid, once it has entered the adipocytes, aids in the release of phosphatidic acid.
A fat necrosis due to the emulsification effect is caused by the emulsification effect.

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