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HYPNITE 2 MG – Eszopiclone 10 tablets


Brand Name: Hypnite 2 mg 

Name:  Eszopiclone

Strength: 2 mg

Pills per order:  10 Pills

Production Company:   Consern Pharma Ltd. 

Used for:   Anxiety, Anti-Anxiety, Sleep, Relaxation, Sedative, Jet lag 

Hypnite 2 mg

Hypnite 2 mg  pill is an anti-insomnia drug that comes in the shape of an oral tablet. This sedative-hypnotic medication belongs to the sedative-hypnotic drug class. Any medicine that falls into this group works in a similar way to promote sleep.

The active ingredient in Hypnite 2 mg  tablets is eszopiclone, which is also found in Hypnite 1 mg and Hypnite 3 mg tablets. This product can be provided to any adult with a sleeping issue such as insomnia for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. Hypnite 2 mg  is quite good for promoting and maintaining a 7 to 8-hour sleep cycle. One of the most prevalent reasons for people to choose this prescription is because it helps them fall asleep faster.

Consult your doctor before using Hypnite 2 mg  tablets and explain your current medical health issues as well as your medical history. If you’re intending to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding, tell your doctor. This will aid them in assessing if Hypnite 2 mg  is safe for the patient.  

Insomnia, jet lag, anxiety, sleep, and relaxation are among of the uses of Hypnite 2 mg  pills.

Hypnite dosages are as follows: Hypnite 1 mg, Hypnite 2 mg, and Hypnite 3 mg.


What is the Function of the Eszopiclone Tablet?

In people who are unable to obtain a good night’s sleep, Eszopiclone tablets help to reverse the symptoms of insomnia. Its primary purpose is to reduce the activity of nerve cells in the brain.

Eszopiclone, the active component, raises the quantity of GABA chemical messengers in the brain. For speedier sleep start, GABA normally manages the inhibition of nerve cell connections. As the patient’s GABA activity is increased, he or she will fall asleep even faster.

After 7 to 8 hours of unbroken sleep, some patients still feel drowsy. After a few hours of waking up, it is not advisable to do any focus-demanding activity (driving, operating machinery, etc.).

What is the best way to take Eszopiclone Tablets?

As directed by your healthcare practitioner, take Eszopiclone tablet. This anti-insomnia medication is normally only taken for 2 to 3 weeks at a time.

Patients are instructed to take one Eszopiclone pill per day 30 to 45 minutes before going to bed. Do not split, crush, or chew the pill; instead, swallow it whole with a glass of water.

To maximize the effectiveness of Eszopiclone, take it on an empty stomach or 2 hours after meals.

It’s also best to avoid doing any household duties after taking this sleeping tablet.

Eszopiclone Side Effects

Eszopiclone tablet side effects are divided into two categories: mild and severe. Let’s start with the most prevalent side effects:



Dry mouth and rashes on the skin

In the tongue, there is a bitter or metallic taste.

a stuffy nose

Wait a few days or a few weeks for these side effects to go away. However, if you see any of these uncommon side effects, please contact your doctor right once.

Excessive drowsiness during the day

Suspicious thoughts

Changes in behavior

Confusion \sHallucinations



Appetite loss.

Suicidal ideation


Impairment of memory

Inflammation of the mouth or throat

Sleep behavior is complicated.

Interactions Between Drugs

Avoid taking these medications together with Eszopiclone pills, or ask your doctor whether you can preserve a safe gap between them and Eszopiclone:

Medications that relax the muscles

Antifungal medications are used to treat fungal infections.

Medications for HIV therapy

Antipsychotic medications


Ailments related to the heart (Verapamil & Diltiazem)

Precautions and Warnings

Only take the prescribed dose of Eszopiclone tablets (Hypnite 1, Hypnite 2, or Hypnite 3) for the time period specified. Take it for no more than four weeks. Eszopiclone therapy should last for two to three weeks. Consult your doctor if you don’t notice any changes or still have insomnia problems.

Eszopiclone interacts with the growing baby in the womb, perhaps causing labor hemorrhage. As a result, pregnant women should avoid using Eszopiclone pills.

Because the active element in eszopiclone can be passed on to a kid through breast milk, it’s best to avoid taking it while breastfeeding.

A patient’s inability to tolerate Eszopiclone is caused by a variety of health disorders, including kidney illness, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, and others. Please see your doctor before using Eszopiclone pills if you have any concerns about your health.

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking while taking this medication.

If you take too much Eszopiclone, it might cause serious health problems.

If you have the same sleeping problem as someone else, don’t share your Eszopiclone dose. Tell them to see a doctor and acquire a prescription for their medication.

If you have anxiety, sadness, or weariness, don’t stop taking Eszopiclone pills. Inform your doctor of your symptoms and seek his or her advice.

Eszopiclone withdrawal symptoms might occur if you suddenly stop using medication. So, after 7 to 10 days of Eszopiclone use, check in with your doctor to see how your health is progressing.


Eszopiclone pills should be kept in a cool, dry location below 30 degrees Celsius.

Keep Eszopiclone pills out of children’s reach and sight.


1) Does Eszopiclone have a habit-forming effect?

Eszopiclone pills have the potential to become addictive if used for longer than recommended. As a result, it’s recommended that you see a doctor once the specified dosage has been completed and you’ve seen changes in your sleep pattern.

2) What is the effect of Eszopiclone when combined with alcohol or tobacco?

If you consume alcohol while taking Eszopiclone pills, you may get dizziness, breathing issues, and walking difficulty. Smoking’s consequences remain unclear. However, you should refrain from drinking alcoholic drinks or smoking while using this sleeping tablet.

3) Can Eszopiclone tablets cause memory loss?

If you have numerous sleep disruptions or don’t go to bed after taking an Eszopiclone pill, you may experience memory impairment, which is uncommon. When you’re confident that you’ll be able to sleep for 7 to 8 hours without interruptions, Eszopiclone is the best approach to avoid the risk of memory impairment.

4) How long do I need to take Hypnite 1 mg, Hypnite 2 mg, or Hypnite 3 mg tablets?

Hypnite 1 mg, Hypnite 2 mg, and Hypnite 3 mg tablets are safe to take for a period of three weeks if taken as directed. If you take this dosage for a prolonged period of time, you run the danger of abuse and negative effects.

5) Is it safe to drive after taking Eszopiclone tablets?

Eszopiclone pills slow down the functioning of the central nervous system, which has a direct influence on any activity that requires concentration, such as driving or operating machinery. Attempting to drive within 12 hours after taking Eszopiclone pills is typically dangerous. As a result, you should avoid doing so.

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