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Brand Name: Neurobion



Pills per order:  1 vial 

Production Company:  Proctor and Gamble   

Used for:  To treat and prevent symptoms of vitamin B deficiency and strengthen the nervous system.


Vitamins B1, B6, and B12 are combined in the Neurobion injectable. It’s a type of neurotropic vitamin injection that’s used to treat vitamin B12 insufficiency.


Prescribed to treat vitamin B12 insufficiency and diseases such as:

Addisonian anemia is a type of anemia that is caused by a
Sprue or gluten enteropathy
Overgrowth of microorganisms in the small intestine
Gastrectomy, total or partial
Tapeworm infection in fish
Pancreatic or intestinal cancer, or a folic acid shortage
Cholesterol levels are high.
Disorders of the mind
Various studies have demonstrated the efficacy of utilizing the vitamins separately and in combination to regenerate nerves.

It improves the patient’s condition by carrying out the following tasks:

Nerve signals conveyed to the brain are relaxed. It also affects electrical activity, allowing overworked cardiac muscles to relax and slow down, resulting in growth, cell reproduction, haematopoiesis, nucleoprotein, and myelin formation.


Neurobion ampules should be injected intramuscularly whenever possible. 1 ampule daily until acute symptoms lessen in cases of severe symptoms or diseases. In mild situations and as part of follow-up therapy, 2 or 3 ampules per week are used.

Dose Missed

As soon as you recall, take the missed dose. Skip the previous dose if it’s almost time for the next one.


If you take too much Neurobion, you should see a doctor right once because it might induce neurotoxicity. Overdosage symptoms include dry mouth, trembling, chest pain, convulsions, and a faster heart rate.

Effects of a neurobion injection

All of the components in Neurobion injection have the potential to cause the negative effects listed below. Although the following side effects are conceivable, they may not always occur. The negative effects can be rare, but they can be serious and life-threatening in some cases. So, if you notice any of the negative effects listed below, talk to your doctor. Especially if they persist.

Neurobion injection may cause the following adverse effects:

Deficiency of the heart
Nausea Ulcers Rapid Swelling

Precautions and how to administer neurobion injection

Before getting a neurobion injection, tell your doctor about your existing prescriptions, over-the-counter items (vitamins, herbal supplements, etc. ), allergies, current and previous health conditions, pregnancy and breastfeeding (it suppresses the formation of breast milk), and impending procedures.

The drug’s side effects may be exacerbated by certain medical conditions.

Follow your doctor’s instructions precisely. In addition, the patient can follow the instructions in the package insert.
Dosage is always determined by your individual circumstances.
After the expiration date on the injection, do not use this medicine.
Keep the medicine out of reach of youngsters or keep it in a secure location.
It’s best to keep the injection at room temperature and keep it away from direct sunshine and heat.
Do not take more of this drug than your doctor suggests.
If your illness persists or worsens while on the medicine, notify your doctor.

Drug Interactions that Affect Drugs Administered Together
Antibiotics: Antibiotic activity of erythromycin, kanamycin, streptomycin, doxycycline, and lincomycin is reduced by thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacinamide, and ascorbic acid.
Bleomycin: Bleomycin is inactivated by ascorbic acid and riboflavin in vitro, reducing its action.
Pyridoxine may enhance levodopa metabolism (lower blood levels of levodopa) and reduce efficacy.
Folic acid may accelerate phenytoin metabolism and decrease phenytoin serum concentrations, leading to increased seizure activity.
Folic acid may reduce a patient’s reaction to methotrexate treatment.
Vitamin Levels Affected by Drug Interactions
Isoniazid and hydralazine: Taking hydralazine or isoniazid at the same time may raise your pyridoxine needs. Phenytoin can lower folic acid levels in the bloodstream.
Chloramphenicol: In patients with pernicious anemia, chloramphenicol may impede the hematologic response to vitamin B12 therapy.
The blood level of thiamine may be lowered if loop diuretics are used for a long time.

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