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PROGYNOVA 2 MG 28 tablets


Brand Name:  Progynova

Name:   Estradiol Valerate

Strength:   2 mg

Pills per order:  28 tablets

Production Company:  Bayer Zydus

Used for:  Hormone replacement therapy used to treat symptoms and conditions associated with menopause.


Progynova is a product that  contains oestrogen.

Progynova 2 mg is to be taken once a day. It makes no difference when time of day the woman uses her tablet; once she has chosen a time, she should stick to it every day. The treatment is continuous, which means that each pack is immediately followed by the next without a respite.

The lowest effective dose for the shortest term (see also section 4.4) should be used to begin and continue therapy of menopausal symptoms. Progynova 1 mg should be used to start treatment for menopausal symptoms. Progynova 2 mg should be administered if it is deemed required. Once a treatment plan is in place, the lowest effective dose for symptom alleviation should be used.

One pill of Progynova 2 mg should be taken once a day to prevent postmenopausal osteoporosis.

A progestogen should be administered to Progynova for at least 12 – 14 days per month/28 day cycle in women with an intact uterus. In hysterectomized women, adding a progestogen is not indicated unless there has been a previous diagnosis of endometriosis.

Progynova 2 mg

How to Begin Using Estradiol Valerate 

If the woman has an intact uterus and is still menstruation, she should start a Progynova and progestogen combo regimen on the first day of bleeding, starting with the oestrogen phase. She may begin at any time if her menstrual periods are very few or if amenorrhoea has been established, as long as pregnancy has been ruled out.

Treatment with Progynova can begin on any day for women who are switching from a continuous combination HRT medication.

Women switching from cyclic or continuous sequential HRT regimens should finish the cycle before switching to Estradiol Valerate  without a pause in treatment.

Tablets that have gone missing or have been misplaced

If a woman forgets to take a tablet at the scheduled time, she may do so within 12 hours. The forgotten tablet should not be taken if the lady is more than 12 hours late, and the remaining tablets should be taken at the regular time on the correct days. A missing dose can cause spotting or breakthrough bleeding.

Children’s population

Children should not use this product.

Administration method

It is possible to take the tablets with or without food. With a glass of water or milk, the tablets should be eaten whole. Each day, the tablets should be taken at the same time.

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