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VORITEK 200 MG 4 tablets


Brand Name: Voritek

Name:  Voriconazole

Strength:   200 mg 

Pills per order:  4 Pills

Production Company:    Cipla 

Used for: Antifungal

DETAILS ABOUT THE PRODUCT Voritek 200 Tablet 4’s

Voritek 200 Tablet 4 belongs to the ‘antifungals’ family of drugs, which are used to treat a wide range of illnesses caused by fungus and yeast. When a fungus invades and affects any region of the body, including the mouth, throat, esophagus, lungs, bladder, genital area, and blood, a fungal infection occurs.

The active ingredient in Voritek 200 Tablet 4 is ‘Voriconazole,’ which kills or inhibits fungus and yeast by blocking an enzyme in fungi essential for normal lipid metabolism, which interferes with the creation of the fungal cell membrane. Fungal or yeast cells are destroyed or their growth is slowed as a result.

Follow your doctor’s instructions for taking Voritek 200 Tablet 4’s. Depending on your medical condition, you should take Voritek 200 Tablet 4’s for as long as your doctor has given it. Certain common adverse effects, such as vomiting, headache, nausea, abnormal liver function tests, rash, sluggish heart rate, and impaired eyesight, may occur in certain situations. The majority of these adverse effects do not necessitate medical treatment and will subside with time. However, if you are experiencing these adverse effects on a regular basis, you should consult your doctor.

If you’ve ever had an allergic response to Voritek 200 Tablet 4’s or any of its constituents, don’t take it. Voritek 200 Tablet 4’s has been linked to liver damage, which has resulted in deaths in individuals with other significant underlying conditions. Voritek 200 Tablet 4’s is a pregnancy category D medicine, which means it should not be used by women who are nursing or pregnant. While taking $Name, minimize exposure to the sun because it makes you more vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays, or wear a high sun protection factor (SPF) before going out. After taking Voritek 200 Tablet 4’s, wait 2 hours before taking an antacid.

Fungal infections are treated with Voritek 200 Tablet 4.


Medicinal Advantages

Voritek 200 Tablet 4’s is an antifungal drug that contains Voriconazole and is used to treat a wide spectrum of illnesses caused by fungus and yeast. It cures invasive aspergillosis (fungal infection of the lungs), esophageal candidiasis (white patches in the mouth and throat), and candidemia, among other fungal illnesses (a fungal infection in the blood). It’s also used to treat a variety of different fungal infections in people who have failed to respond to conventional treatments. It kills or prevents fungus or yeast by blocking an enzyme in fungi that is required for proper fat metabolism, interfering with the production of the fungal cell membrane. Fungal or yeast cells are destroyed or their growth is slowed as a result.

Use Instructions

Voritek 200 Tablet 4’s can be taken with or without meals, or as advised by your doctor. With a glass of water, swallow the entire pill. It should not be crushed, chewed, or broken. Before using, give the oral solution a good shake and measure your intake using a measuring instrument. The injection of Voritek 200 Tablet 4 is delivered as an infusion into the vein. If the drug in the vial seems murky, changes color, or contains particles, do not consume it.


Store in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight.

Voritek 200 Tablet 4 Side Effects

Tests of liver function that are abnormal
Infections of the sinuses
White and red blood cell counts are low.
Heart rate is low.
Vision problems
Blood sugar levels are low.
Depression and hallucinations are two symptoms of depression.

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