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Russian Twists: Screwing Your Obliques the Right Way

Russian Twists: Screwing Your Obliques the Right Way

What’s strong, flexible, and can hold the weight of both sides of your body? The core! Ideally, think of it like a spider’s web, strong enough to support forces that you may have to withstand in everyday motions yet flexible enough to allow you to move gracefully.  Russian twists are a fun way to build […]

The Ultimate Abs Workout: 5 Exercises for a Shredded Core

The Ultimate Abs Workout: 5 Exercises for a Shredded Core

A tight and supple core can actually prevent back pain in old age! Even if you have a bit of a paunch, a strong core provides the stability to withstand the daily stresses of posture and movement. In this blog post, we will explore the best abs workout that targets the abdominal and oblique muscles […]

Best Exercises and Supplements for Strong Lats

Get a V-Taper like Bruce Lee: Exercises and Supplements for Strong Lats

I bet you’ve seen your share of Bruce Lee’s pop culture references. This means you’ve probably noticed that V-shaped taper in his upper body.  The American movie star and martial artist’s lats were so well-developed, he looked like he had bat wings! Perhaps it’s too late for you to develop your latissimus dorsi to that […]

Compound Exercises

The Top 5 Compound Exercises for an All Round Physique

Cyclists have huge legs. Swimmers have huge shoulders and arms.   But you and I prefer a gentler, all-round physique, right?  That’s why compound exercises are our best friends. These multi-joint movements engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, allowing you to maximize your training efficiency and overall muscle development.  In this blog post, we’ll explore the top […]

Run Like Wind

Run Like the Wind: 5 Essential Leg Day Workout and Supplements

Developing a strong lower body not only enhances athletic performance but also contributes to overall functional fitness. In this blog post, we will explore essential leg workouts that target key muscle groups and recommend supplements to support muscle growth, recovery, and overall leg strength. Squats: The Main Factory for Leg Muscle Production  The Benefits of […]

5 Exercises to Build Your Back like an Ancient Greek God

5 Exercises to Build a Back like an Ancient Greek God

The ancient Greeks prized fitness In their myths, which were filled with feats by strongmen and demigods, the titan Atlas was known for holding the sky on his back and shoulders. That may be too much even for you, but a strong and well-developed back not only enhances posture and overall aesthetics but also contributes […]


How to Get Shoulders like Phelps: 5 Exercises and 10 Supplements

Think of Michael Phelps. You quickly visualize that ideal V-shaped Superman’s body. That’s how it is for elite swimmers. Their regimen requires well-developed shoulder muscles to propel them ahead, assisted by a lithe core and lower body that cut through the water.  Yes, we know. Likely, you won’t stick to an Olympian’s training intensity. But […]

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