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Erlotinib: Targeting Lung & Pancreatic Cancers

Since 2004, Erlotinib has been a leader in the fight against pancreatic and lung cancer. This FDA-approved pharmaceutical marvel revolutionized the NSCLC treatment landscape, and also served to combat the cancerous insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. But what exactly is erlotinib? And how does it navigate the web of cancer treatment concerns? Let’s study the […]


Baclofen: A Pragmatic Approach to Muscle Spasticity and Pain Relief

Do you know what muscle spasticity is? Certain patients, especially those who have had a stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, or are just very old, can have an unnatural stiffness of the muscles. These contractions result in jerky movements, or “spasms,” that can render quality of life poor, and painful. In other words, they need […]


Colchicine: Combating Gout’s Inflammatory Onslaught

When the pincers of pain pinch, it is difficult to live a regular life. Pain clouds the senses. And one of the most severe examples of this is gout.  Gout, a form of inflammatory arthritis stemming from the crystallization of uric acid within joints, can unleash agonizing pain.  Colchicine is one of the lesser-known weapons […]

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Pazopanib: Targeting Soft Tissue Tumors with Precision

Cancer can also hit the soft tissues of the body. This is chiefly your belly, arms, and legs—but it will also include internal parts like your joints, connective tissues, and blood vessels.   Soft-tissue sarcomas have prompted researchers to develop innovative treatments that specifically target their underlying mechanisms.  Pazopanib, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor, has emerged as […]

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Lenalidomide: A One-Stop Solution to Blood Disorders & Cancer

We all need to know more about hematology. The entire body is filled with blood, from head to toe. Any deviation in the healthy processes of this fluid can cause a cascade of new diseases.  Blood-related disorders, a diverse group of conditions affecting the body’s vital circulatory system, demand innovative solutions that target underlying molecular […]

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Smooth Moves: How Lactulose Enables Constipation Relief

It’s a tale as old as your last visit to the toilet. Constipation saps you slowly as you work the hours. As your quality of life drops, you need to get that pesky digestive waste to drop.    How? Lactulose, a well-known laxative agent, relieves those of us in constipation’s grip.  This article discusses the mechanics […]


Azithromycin: A Versatile Antibiotic for Sexually Transmitted & Respiratory Infections

Some of us may have had this case of embarrassment. You contract chlamydia, and you aren’t sure you can get the right medication because you’re too ashamed to ask. How does the body defend against these risqué threats? In the wild world of sexually-transmitted infections (STIs), Azithromycin is a go-to medication. This antibiotic, commonly known […]


Dolutegravir: A Cutting-Edge Antiretroviral in the Fight Against HIV

HIV/AIDS is a tricky condition. Most people who have it don’t even know they have it. Thus, one of the most challenging global health crises of the modern era is largely a silent one; but thanks to continuous advancements in medical science, the prognosis for individuals living with HIV has greatly improved.  Dolutegravir, a powerful […]


Tenofovir: Instrumental in HIV Treatment and Prevention

HIV is no longer the morbid eventuality it once was. With the advent of antiretroviral therapy, living with the disease is relatively comfortable, even if the condition isn’t strictly curable.   Tenofovir, a potent antiretroviral medication, is a cornerstone in the structure of modern HIV treatment.  In this article, we’ll explore the mechanism of action of […]

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How Exemestane Prevents “Man Boobs” & Helps in Post-Cycle Therapy for Men

For men who take anabolic steroids to bulk up quickly, there is a problem.   It’s the embarrassing “man boob” phenomenon, known as gynecomastia. This happens as a side effect of taking steroids due to a buildup of estrogen. Thus, in the post cycle therapy (PCT) of anabolic steroid use, finding the right tools to help […]

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