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Understanding Shingles Treatment

Understanding Shingles Treatment: What Drug Stops Herpes Zoster?

Life can always serve you an unexpected twist. In this context, it would be a sharp, burning pain accompanied by a blistering rash that emerges on your skin, leaving you bewildered and awkward.  This is shingles—a painful viral infection caused by the herpes zoster virus.  Although overshadowed by more prominent sexually transmitted infections (STIs), herpes […]

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Skin Deep: A Story of Acne, Acceptance, and Renewed Self-Confidence

You’ve been preparing for an important presentation for the last two weeks. But just a day before, your face decides to stage its own performance, complete with a stubborn zit in the starring role.  As you scramble for every concealer and foundation within arm’s reach, you can’t help but wonder—is this a conspiracy against your […]

Adult Acne

Adult Acne: How to Reclaim Your Confidence in Later Years

The matter of a pimple was actually never simple.  Acne, the bane of many adolescents, is often assumed to be a challenge left behind in the teenage years.  However, for some adults, acne remains an unwelcome companion, affecting their confidence and self-esteem.  In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of adult acne, exploring […]


Dapsone: An Alternative Cure for Acne

Even if you have the best dermatologist your city can offer, skincare is never simple.  Acne affects millions of people worldwide, and it’s physically and emotionally distressing.  While there are various treatments available, Dapsone, typically known by its brand name Aczone, is an underrated medication for managing acne.  In this article, we will explore how […]


Isotretinoin for Nodular Acne

Don’t you generally choose fancy gift-wrapping paper when going to someone’s birthday party? Sure, the gift is the main idea, but the paper’s look matters too! Similarly, skin is the fancy paper that wraps us up. And we are responsible and worried about its health. The lack of blemish-free skin often leads individuals to go […]

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